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Animal testing still exists and will continue to unless we stop buying their products.

Now summer is almost with us it's time to put away our winter woollies...

When looking for a sensitive body wash or shampoo, look for something fragrance free...

Does putting the doona in the cover drive you mad? It did me, not any more.

CHEERS...TO GRAPE SEED OIL. Grape seeds have many properties that are beneficial to your skin care and hair care routine.  

Silicone is in most of our regular shampoos and conditioners and can build up in our hair and make our hair 'heavy'...

Olive oil is fantastic for both inside & outside of our bodies. Using it on our skin and hair has fantastic benefits...

WORMS!....Not those worms, the good worms...Earth Worms. The wonderful little crawling things that do all that great work in our soil.

I bet you already knew! Your skin is your largest organ & it is responsible for 1/4 of all your bodies detoxification.

Microbeads creating a potential new environmental threat! 

    Start young and have fun. Start grooming a puppy as soon as you can.