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May 23, 2023 3 min read

Plastic is everywhere. It’s at the tip of your fingers
when cleaning your teeth, in our kitchens and cupboards
or sitting at your desk typing! We are bombarded by
its presence in our homes, offices, and pretty much
wherever we turn.

So......I have decided to recycle this editorial! To
remind us that we need to be on the ball and try to work
our ethos into our daily activities to keep reducing our
plastic reliance to a minimum!

There is no denying our impact on our planet,
according to Eco Watch, we’ve produced more plastic
in the last ten years than during the whole of the last
century. And half of the plastic we do use, we discard
after only ONE use. This means that every day, millions of
straws, plastic bags, packaging and household items are
ending in our landfills and oceans, destroying wildlife and
polluting our planet.

Whales, the fish we eat and other aquatic
creatures are turning up on our shores with their
stomachs full of plastic, or caught in rubbish ie: nets,
thrown or dumped irresponsibly, is evidence that we need
to be much more mindful when we shop for products
and when we are finished with them. Studies have shown 90%
of seabirds have plastic and micro plastics (broken down plastics which are eaten by filter feeders like plankton and in turn fish and then
humans) in their digestive system and are turning up in our food chain.
Envirocare Earth has always been mindful about caring for our environment. The fact our brand exists is due to the foresight of
our founder’s way back in 1994 who had the love of our planet and its inhabitants in mind when creating the brand! This ethos has prompted our company to continue to adjust our formulations as science and nature comes up with more responsible plant-based ingredients, and to make sure our packaging has the least amount of visible footprint as possible. This is an ongoing quest that we hope to get right, but always endeavour to do the best we possibly can.

Envirocare Earth has produced larger sizes and bulk sizes since 1994 to make sure that our users have the opportunity to ensure they are not contributing excessively to the issue of plastic going to landfill, as
much, as if they have to when purchasing smaller sizes.

BUY IN BULK: buying our 2ltr, 5ltr & 15ltr sizes means
you can co-op with your friends and neighbours and
reduce transport related carbon emissions and save on
delivery costs.

DECANT & RE-USE: buying our 2ltr, 5ltr & 15ltr sizes and
decanting into your own bottles that you refill and re-use
means you can use any pretty or functional container you
already have that can be washed and sterilised and used over and over.

UPCYCLE: our containers to use as scoops, containers
for pens and nick knacks & seedling shades etc. The
little cardboard container for Envirocare Earth Laundry
Detergent Strips are perfect for craft projects & storage of
photos & cards.

REDUCE: if you don’t need it, try not to buy it. Envirocare
Earth endeavours to keep outer packaging to a minimum
and refrain from using it at all unless it is necessary for safety or

EXTRA HACK: Candles often come in gorgeous glass
containers, once the wax & wick burns down to the
bottom leave the container in the freezer and pop the
wax out the next day. Clean with hot water and detergent,
dry & they become perfect for holding makeup brushes,
pens & pencils, cotton balls, keys, pot pourrie, flowers
and the list goes on.

“The world is full of handy recycled storage items”
Keep your eyes peeled and your mind open to using
unexpected containers for creative storage ideas – you
may be surprised at how much pleasure can be found in
discovery of perfectly suited recycled vessel for storing
your favourite belongings.

If we all start today & teach our children along the way, repurposing, recycling & upcycling presents a challenge that saves money & helps us tread lightly on the earth.

Logistics Status & Pricing Update | 8th Feb 2022

Further to the previous logistics update, the spread of omicron variant continues to play havoc with many courier drivers, warehouse staff, forklift drivers, container unpack crews and administrators across the country.

To make logistics even more difficulty the East-West rail line is closed due to significant flooding including to both the Eyre and Stuart Highways, South Australia.

Please allow (at least) an extra 14 business days on top of your estimated date for arrival.

envirocare earth has always worked our best to minimise delivery costs but as a result of the ongoing issues affecting logistics all online orders will now attract a delivery charge.

FLAT RATES -  WA $15.00, INTERSTATE $20.00.

We encourage you to order in bulk; saving on product, delivery and helping the environment.

Your patience and understanding is appreciated and we hope that normality can return soon.

envirocare earth

Omicron Logistics Status Update | 12th Jan 22

The rapid spread of the Omicron variant has further impacted the logistics industry. This includes many courier drivers, warehouse staff, forklift drivers, container unpack crews and administrators.

Due to the widespread impact of Omicron infections, our partnered carriers across the network are experiencing both a surge in parcel deliveries and major disruptions to their delivery services. With a significant number of people in self-isolation in accordance with state regulations and public health orders, delivery delays are expected across the network due to driver shortages, depots experiencing temporary closures and/or operating with significantly reduced staff.

This has also created some lags in tracking details being updated on carrier websites.

Please allow (at least) an extra 14 business days on top of your estimated date for arrival.

Your patience and understanding is appreciated.

envirocare earth