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Animal testing and vegan products, the new kind of plant based

September 26, 2017 2 min read

Apart from food, animal derived ingredients or testing on animals is in a surprising number of products: be it cleaning or personal care.

Choosing to be conscientious with personal care and cleaning products, along with consideration of the food we consume is the new normal when it comes to helping reduce our waste. This comes with a reliance on correct labelling of cleaning and personal care products to help us make the best, most informed choice! 

Because there is no authorised certification in Australia (at this stage) for vegan recognition, accurate labelling is really important to tell if your desired product is vegan or has been involved in animal testing or not.

Checking ingredient lists to see if there is any visible sign of animal based product  included is a great start, if you are not sure if that ingredient could be derived from animal or plant, checking with the manufacturer is an idea. If in doubt regarding source of ingredients or testing methods, do not use that product.

enviroCare has only used plant based ingredients since inception, and will continue to only use plant based ingredients. Even bees wax or other bee derived products are not used.

enviroCare carries out extensive in-house testing as well as consumer trials of our products to make sure our customers love them & they are not causing any harm.

Vegan personal care products are usually gentler on your hair, face & body and certainly have the welfare of animals in mind as testing of products that are made containing plant based ingredients do not need to have the extensive tests conducted.

They are already gentle on the skin by virtue they do not have petroleum or chemically derived ingredients in them.

Plant based products for skin and even our household cleaners are better for animals, our environment and our personal wellbeing. That's an all round win in our books! 

Logistics Status & Pricing Update | 8th Feb 2022

Further to the previous logistics update, the spread of omicron variant continues to play havoc with many courier drivers, warehouse staff, forklift drivers, container unpack crews and administrators across the country.

To make logistics even more difficulty the East-West rail line is closed due to significant flooding including to both the Eyre and Stuart Highways, South Australia.

Please allow (at least) an extra 14 business days on top of your estimated date for arrival.

envirocare earth has always worked our best to minimise delivery costs but as a result of the ongoing issues affecting logistics all online orders will now attract a delivery charge.

FLAT RATES -  WA $15.00, INTERSTATE $20.00.

We encourage you to order in bulk; saving on product, delivery and helping the environment.

Your patience and understanding is appreciated and we hope that normality can return soon.

envirocare earth

Omicron Logistics Status Update | 12th Jan 22

The rapid spread of the Omicron variant has further impacted the logistics industry. This includes many courier drivers, warehouse staff, forklift drivers, container unpack crews and administrators.

Due to the widespread impact of Omicron infections, our partnered carriers across the network are experiencing both a surge in parcel deliveries and major disruptions to their delivery services. With a significant number of people in self-isolation in accordance with state regulations and public health orders, delivery delays are expected across the network due to driver shortages, depots experiencing temporary closures and/or operating with significantly reduced staff.

This has also created some lags in tracking details being updated on carrier websites.

Please allow (at least) an extra 14 business days on top of your estimated date for arrival.

Your patience and understanding is appreciated.

envirocare earth