Apart from food, animal derived ingredients or testing on animals is in a surprising number of products: be it cleaning or personal care.

Choosing to be conscientious with personal  care & cleaning products (as well as what food we are ingesting) is becoming more of a personal choice for more people. And we are now relying on labelling on cleaning & personal care products to let us know what is in our choice of cleaner or product so that we can make more of an informed decision.

Because there is no authorised certification in Australia (at this stage) for Vegan recognition, labelling is really important to tell if your desired product is vegan or has been involved in animal testing or not.

Checking ingredient lists to see if there is any visible sign of animal based product  included is a great start, if you are not sure if that ingredient could be derived from animal or plant, checking with the manufacturer is an idea. If in doubt regarding source of ingredients or testing methods, do not use that product.

enviroCare has only used plant based ingredients since inception, and will continue to only use plant based ingredients. Even bees wax or other bee derived products         
are not used.

enviroCare carries out extensive in-house testing as well as consumer trials of our products to make sure our customers love them & they are not causing any harm.

Vegan personal care products are usually gentler on your hair, face & body and certainly have the welfare of animals in mind as testing of products that are made containing plant based ingredients do not need to have the extensive tests conducted.

They are already gentle on the skin by virtue they do not have petroleum or chemically derived ingredients in them.

Plant based products for skin and even our household cleaners are better for animals, our environment & our selves as well.

An all round win.