I am sure most of you will know this quick tip for putting a doona into its cover?

Just in case, here’s the California Roll way.

I have just done it for the first time after struggling and sweating up a storm to get mine into the cover. After doing 2 doonas I was exhausted and knew there was a better way, just had to find it, so here’s what I came across after a bit of a search.

  1. Turn your doona cover inside out and lay it flat on the bed with the open end away from you.
  2. Lay the doona on top of the cover, corners matching and nice and straight.
  3. Starting at the closed end, roll both layers up (like a jam roll) until it is like a big sausage. (Adjust as you go so it is nice and straight, this makes it neater and easier to roll.)
  4. Pull the cover opening back over the whole sausage neatly, stuffing the doona into the inside of the cover the whole way along.
  5. Do up the press studs, ties or zip on the cover.
  6. Start to unroll, gently pulling the edges out as you roll.
  7. Give it a shake and viola!

No sweating or straining at all.

Great youtube video to watch for assistance.