Not those worms...Earth Worms, the worms that assist with soil health and provide us with cheap, natural and beneficial soil improvements  for growing food,  beautiful  life giving trees and flowers.                    
These hard working little critters boost soil health & increase farm productivity, they aerate soil as they burrow, and deposit mounds of fertile castings and in many ways can be a litmus test for soil fertility.                  
Healthy soil has worms!                   
An interesting fact...and something that baffles scientists is that the castings that come out of the worm contains 5 times the nitrogen (N), 7 times the phosphorus (P) and 11 times the Potash (K) of the soil environment in which the worms live.                
 In addition the worms alimentary canals detoxify the materials they ingest, offering a truly clean, pathogen-free casting.                   
Earth worms castings are the magic elixir coveted by good gardeners and farmers all over the world.                   
We can do our bit by having a worm farm in our back garden (if we can). They even fit on a high rise balcony!                   
 Kids love worm farms, gardens will thrive and the enviromment will thank you for it.                   
Why keep worms?                   

  • Food waste and scraps won't go to landfill where it produces methane gas. You can even use dog waste! 
  •  Worms produce a brilliant natural soil improver for your garden.                   
  • The castings and 'juice' increase your soil's water holding capacity, something our dry climate needs.                   
  • A little bit goes a long way- and never burns your plants.                   
  • Worms are easy to look after- they are nice and quiet & well behaved!                   

The worm farm needn't be an expensive shop bought one either. You can use 2 recycled Styrofoam veggie boxes, one with a lid and some some bedding such as newspapers.                   
If you can't make/buy a worm farm then the least we can do is to make sure our soil is the healthiest it can be, so no tipping toxic products or waste on it. Dispose of any waste that is not organic thoughtfully.                   
In our current climate crisis, everyone has a responsibility to dispose of waste conscientiously.                   
The products we use in our households make a difference to our environment, so thoughtful selection of cleaning and personal care items means that toxic bi-products and black water is not released onto and into our soil. enviroCare Earth products are biodegrable & grey water safe.              
The more conscientious we are in our homes the healthier our environment is and earth worms will continue to do their important work tilling our soils.