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Keeping your bathroom tiles spick and span

March 01, 2016 3 min read

Hate cleaning your bathroom? Join the club!                    

The sinks, taps and tiles all require a sturdy amount of elbow grease, but the top of the list for mould collectors are the shower recess, glass screens and the bath tub. Maximum amount of cleaning muscle is required for those areas. 
Dark stains on your tiles and screens are hard to clean and if you do manage to get them spick and span, chances are they might come back. 
Grout in between the bathroom tiles is another common breeding ground for mold and mildew because of it's porous nature.                      

Soap scum is also a culprit for the work we have to do in our bathrooms. Soap scum is the film left behind once we have finished showering or bathing and is a combination of minerals in the water and body oils combined with the bar soap many people use. Getting rid of soap scum needs to be tackled as soon as possible otherwise the build up can become a real work out to remove!                                   
Using enviroCare Earth Mould Remover and Sparkling Tile Cleaner wet the whole area needing to be cleaned, squirt MR and STC onto the area, let it sit for a few minutes and then with a brush, scourer or cloth scrub the whole area, rinse with clean water and wipe with a dry cloth or let air dry.                    

For all hard to reach corners, try using a cotton bud, old toothbrush or even a cotton ball soaked in MR & STC, leave it in the corner several minutes and the muck will come right out.                      

The runners on the shower screen need attention too, so use the same method as the hard to reach areas and then flush with clean water to rinse all the residue away.         

Keep in mind, soap scum and ingrained mould can be tough to clean, so if first try doesn't work, don't give up, consistent cleaning is key! 

Shower curtains are notorious for collecting soap scum and mildew and spreading it to the tiles and grout. If yours is looking a bit worse for ware, put it in the washing machine on hot wash with 30ml of enviroCare Laundry Powder & Presoak and 25ml of enviroCare Disinfectant to get it looking like new, hang on the line outside to completely dry before rehanging. Sun light is most efficient form for killing mould or mildew too. And it's free!              

Try getting some more air flow and light into your bathroom if possible, this will reduce the humidity and create an environment that discourages mould and mildew.

Keep everything as dry as possible, use really wet towels to dry any really wet areas, take out wet towels or make sure if they are hung they are in an area that receives as much light and air as possible.                    

To prevent your sparkling clean bathroom or shower from getting soap scum build up in the first place, switch to enviroCare Body & Hair Cleanser or enviroCare Body Wash.                    

Logistics Status & Pricing Update | 8th Feb 2022

Further to the previous logistics update, the spread of omicron variant continues to play havoc with many courier drivers, warehouse staff, forklift drivers, container unpack crews and administrators across the country.

To make logistics even more difficulty the East-West rail line is closed due to significant flooding including to both the Eyre and Stuart Highways, South Australia.

Please allow (at least) an extra 14 business days on top of your estimated date for arrival.

envirocare earth has always worked our best to minimise delivery costs but as a result of the ongoing issues affecting logistics all online orders will now attract a delivery charge.

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We encourage you to order in bulk; saving on product, delivery and helping the environment.

Your patience and understanding is appreciated and we hope that normality can return soon.

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Omicron Logistics Status Update | 12th Jan 22

The rapid spread of the Omicron variant has further impacted the logistics industry. This includes many courier drivers, warehouse staff, forklift drivers, container unpack crews and administrators.

Due to the widespread impact of Omicron infections, our partnered carriers across the network are experiencing both a surge in parcel deliveries and major disruptions to their delivery services. With a significant number of people in self-isolation in accordance with state regulations and public health orders, delivery delays are expected across the network due to driver shortages, depots experiencing temporary closures and/or operating with significantly reduced staff.

This has also created some lags in tracking details being updated on carrier websites.

Please allow (at least) an extra 14 business days on top of your estimated date for arrival.

Your patience and understanding is appreciated.

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