Even if you don't colour your hair, humidity, pollution and styling products can weaken your hair and cause breakages. Sulphate based haircare products can potentially worsen the damage.

Nasties found in shampoos and conditioners:

Sulphates, common detergents found in many haircare products, can strip your hair of colour and essential oil-leaving your hair looking dull and prone to breakages.

Sulphates are the foaming part of shampoo and dry and strip all the natural oils and moisture and can cause scalp conditions and allergies.

Using a shampoo that doesn't have sulphates will quickly restore moisture and aid with any scalp conditions that may have been caused by harsh sulphates.

Our enviroCare Shampoo doesn't have any sulphates.

Silicones, causes a build up on our hair making it look shiny and silky, for a while at least! What actually happens is the silicone creates a coat on the hair shaft and prevents hair treatments from penetrating and preventing hair colour from staying, BUT your hair feels and looks healthy. Over time though your hair becomes dull and listless with this build up.

How to get the silicone out of your hair:

It's not going to happen overnight. It may take up to 4-6 weeks even! Especially if you have always used silicone based products. But it's easy.....

Use only a silicone & sulphate free shampoo and conditioner such as enviroCare Shampoo & Conditioner.

Wash your hair as regularly as usual but only using silicone free shampoo, enviroCare Shampoo is great for this.


After washing with sulphate & silicone free shampoo (enviroCare Shampoo or enviroCare Sensitive Shampoo) use the best conditioner you can find-again one without silicone, preferably enviroCare Intensive Hair Treatment.

Dry hair a little with a towel, put a good amount of conditioner or Intensive Hair Treatment in your palm and lather all over your head, making sure to coat the ends.

Put a towel under the hottest tap you can stand and wring it out, wrap it turban style on your head and leave until it goes cold, repeat.

Sit in a nice sunny spot & relax. Try to leave the hot towels on for at least 10 minutes.

Rinse all the conditioner off. Dry and style.

Give your hair this great spa treatment at least once a month.

Important to remember too: Products with out silicone or synthetic additives that coat the hair may take some getting used to, but you will reap the rewards of colour staying and healthier natural glow hair.

Hair colour stays in your hair longer now, your hair can 'breathe' as it is not coated with silicone and it is now really thankful that it can take up any moisture or treatments you give it. You will not regret it!