We need to start to be mindful of what our products have in them! Some ingredients in our favourite personal care & our cleaning products may not be harmful to us but surely are for our planet.

Even though palm oil sounds innocuous it causes catastrophic damage for local wildlife, flora, fauna & waterways.

And it costs our environment plenty!

In Indonesia rising demand for palm oil has led to the clearing of tropical forests in their National Parks, (not just farming land and other sensitive areas).

According to a 2007 report published by United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)at the rate of deforestation at that time, an estimated 98 % of Indonesian forest would be destroyed by 2022 due to legal and illegal logging, forest fires and the developement of palm oil plantations. Now it is not only Indonesia and Malaysia but Africa that is experiencing degradation.

Palm oil originated in Africa and has been produced in smaller sustainable quatities but due to demand and economic pressure are now looking at clearing other crops and forest to plant palm oil.


Becoming environmentally aware of the damage that this cheap commodity causes is something we all should be considering.

Check ingredients lists not only in your personal and household products but your icecream, cakes, biscuits and other food items and become a warrior against this creeping environmental disaster.

This list is only a FEW of the names used for palm oil:

Vegetable oil, Alkyl poly glucoside, Gylceryloleate, glyceryl distearate, palm fruit oil, palm olein, PEG-100 stearate, peptide complex and many more, too numerous to mention in a blog!

enviroCare stopped using palm oil in all of our products in 2011.

Coconut is the base for most of our product ranges. We source plantation based coconut where possible, so we are not encouraging land clearing.

Reading ingredients and then being really committed to the cause by leaving the product on the shelf if it has palm oil in it, is a way to alert the supermarkets and manufactureres that our community is serious about our environment and the fragility of it.

You will have to aquaint yourself with all the names that palm oil hides behind so that you can make an infomed decision and help save our planet from the land clearing, animal habitat destruction, other flora and fauna dessimation and contamination and killing of waterways from the junk and toxic by-products of the process of the palm oil and it's derivatives.