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Bathing man's best mate

December 24, 2015 2 min read

Grooming and washing your dog or puppy should be a fun time and not stressful for them or you.    

Our tip? Start young and make it fun. Begin grooming a puppy as soon as you can so they get used to the feel of brushes, clippers and dryers if you are going to use them as part of the process. Desensitisation of handling sensitive areas such as their feet, ears and mouth when they are calm and relaxed can also help set puppy up for success.                

We want the best for our canine companions and that means they should have the best environmentally responsible products used on them as well.     

Bathing is a good opportunity to check your dog's skin. Feel all over for lumps or rough areas, if you feel anything that you cannot identify contact your vet.                    

Human shampoos can burn a pets skin. We recommend sticking to soap free pet shampoos, these won't strip their skin's essential oils away either. 

enviroCare Earth has 2 products: Pet Coat Wash & Conditioner and Pet Sensitive & Allergy Wash.   
Both products are soap free and are gentle enough for allergies or skin conditions to & will soothe skin & soften your dogs fur, making it easier to brush or comb out tangles too.                    

Don't over bathe! A good rule of thumb is to only bath your dog when he/she is noticeably dirty or smelly. A rough idea is usually 2 weeks.  However, the time between baths will vary from dog to dog. A long haired dog will get tangled and matted hair if they go too long between baths. Time of year is also a big factor.                     
Before you start the bathing process gather all the items you need: shampoo, bucket, towels, combs. Don't turn your back on a wet dog unless you want to be involved in a game of chase and catch me!                    

Make sure the water is luke warm.                    

Avoid getting soap in your dog's eyes and ears and wet your dogs head last- this will minimise his desire to shake.                    

Rinse well. The flaky, itchy discomfort many dogs experience after a bath comes from inadequate shampoo removal (or sometimes too frequent bathing).                     
Don't let your dog sit around wet, the longer they're wet the more time the bugs have to breed & smells to develop.

Use an old towel to rub most of the excess water off or if they are used to a hair dryer set onto a warm or cool setting, never hot, and blow excess water off.  
Dogs also love a good shake to get rid of excess water, so be ready and wash your dog somewhere you don't mind cleaning up the remnants of a good shake off!
A great way to get your dog fully dry naturally, weather permitting, is to head out for a nice long walk afterwards. Your mate will dry and you will also get the benefit of the fresh air.  Win win!                                      

Logistics Status & Pricing Update | 8th Feb 2022

Further to the previous logistics update, the spread of omicron variant continues to play havoc with many courier drivers, warehouse staff, forklift drivers, container unpack crews and administrators across the country.

To make logistics even more difficulty the East-West rail line is closed due to significant flooding including to both the Eyre and Stuart Highways, South Australia.

Please allow (at least) an extra 14 business days on top of your estimated date for arrival.

envirocare earth has always worked our best to minimise delivery costs but as a result of the ongoing issues affecting logistics all online orders will now attract a delivery charge.

FLAT RATES -  WA $15.00, INTERSTATE $20.00.

We encourage you to order in bulk; saving on product, delivery and helping the environment.

Your patience and understanding is appreciated and we hope that normality can return soon.

envirocare earth

Omicron Logistics Status Update | 12th Jan 22

The rapid spread of the Omicron variant has further impacted the logistics industry. This includes many courier drivers, warehouse staff, forklift drivers, container unpack crews and administrators.

Due to the widespread impact of Omicron infections, our partnered carriers across the network are experiencing both a surge in parcel deliveries and major disruptions to their delivery services. With a significant number of people in self-isolation in accordance with state regulations and public health orders, delivery delays are expected across the network due to driver shortages, depots experiencing temporary closures and/or operating with significantly reduced staff.

This has also created some lags in tracking details being updated on carrier websites.

Please allow (at least) an extra 14 business days on top of your estimated date for arrival.

Your patience and understanding is appreciated.

envirocare earth