Now that winter is over (well nearly) and we have unpacked our summer wardrobe, it's time to wash and clean our woollies so they are spotless and ready for their summer hibernation period.                  
Making sure they are all really clean is important as any stains will 'become set' or be really stubborn to remove when you go to wash them after unpacking next season.                   
Pests are more attracted to smelly unclean clothes.

Silverfish, beetles, moths and mice love delicate wool & all that yummy fabric. And stains 'creep' causing garments to yellow and discolour.                  
Taking them out ready to rug up again next winter is a shock if they are not treated to  a good clean and audit before we pack them away.                  
Nothing worse than thinking we have all those great pieces in boxes ready for next winter to find a mess of stains, smells and mice or silverfish that have had a picnic with our delicate fabrics!                  
Spending a little bit of extra time to make sure everything is in good order as you do with them while you are wearing them and looking fabulous during the season shouldn't be a hardship.                  
Check all the buttons, fasteners and zips are healthy and in working order too. If not get to with a needle and thread or take them to a professional.                  
Dry clean any garments that are dry clean only.                  
Wash all woollens and delicates in enviroCare Delicate & Wool Wash.                  
Make sure everything is thoroughly dry before packing away.                  
Cleaning doesn't take long and it makes a world of difference when you come to unpack, better the time spent on packing away nice clean and fresh items than unpack smelly stained ones!                  
Wrap expensive jumpers and woollens in tissue paper or even old sheets, choose a suitable container to store items in that are pest proof and air tight.                  
You could even put a satchet of your favourite herbs (lavender, rosemary or rose petals) (be careful it doesn't leach and stain anything)  or drop a few drops of essential oil onto a cottonwool ball and leave it in with your woollies.                    
This will also keep some creepies away as they don't like clean smells or certain fragrances such as pine and tea tree, but best of all, your winter woollies will smell great when you unpack ready to rug up for the winter.