Many people believe that testing cosmetics and household products on animals is a thing of the past, but sadly thousands of animals worldwide still suffer for our sake.

An estimated 27,000 animals are still being used for cosmetic testing across the world. This includes the use of mice, rats and rabbits in tests which cause pain & distress. This is unacceptable!

enviroCare Earth has a NO ANIMAL TESTING policy that goes alongside our environmental responsibility ethos & we take the responsibility equally as seriously & acknowledge that caring about both go hand in hand.

We work closely with our ingredient vendors to ensure they are aware of our company values and policies. Once we formulate a product there is no need to test on animals or humans for irritability or sensitivity as we only use already safe and tested ingredients. Our formulations are tested in house and on willing & consenting human volunteers.

 Using plant based and non toxic ingredients that are already considered safe means we do not have any reason to test on animals. There are more than 20,000 ingredients available to manufacturers that are considered to be safe and are already being used in existing products.

While cosmetic companies in Australia do not test their products on animals, elsewhere in the world the practise still takes place. As a result, many Australian shoppers are unwittingly buying imported products that have allowed testing on animals. Buying imported products places extra responsibilities on us as consumers to make sure we are aware of the brand owners’ policy on animal testing.

Not buying products that are testing on or have an animal testing policy is the best way to draw attention to it. If they can’t sell their products then they will need to change their practises!

Ways we can help save some of our animals from being used cruelly & unreliably in animal testing:

  • Don’t use known brands that test on animals
  • Use ONLY Australian manufactured products that have sourced already safe ingredients for your household products and personal care.

Just say NO to animal testing.