I bet you already knew! Your skin is your largest organ & it is responsible for 1/4 of all your bodies detoxification.                
Your skin also receives 1/3rd of the blood that is circulated through the body. If you have toxins floating around in your body it shows in your skin:                
 dull, congested, spots, dry/oily & skin conditions.                 
Step 1 would be trying a healthier diet as most skin conditions have their root cause in the digestive system!                
As well as modifying your diet you can make a good start to healthy and vital feeling skin by using a  body scrub (exfoliate) and body brushing.                
Benefits of both:                
1. Increased circulation, which stimulates the bodies release of metabolic waste which aids in lymphatic drainage.                
2. Exfoliates dead skin cells giving your skin a glow.                
3. Promotes tighter skin & cell renewal.                
4. Stimulates nerve beds in the skin, helping encourage your bodies natural healing processes.                
5. Opens clogged pores, allowing the skin to more readily absorb nutrient.s                
Body Brushing:                
Stand in the shower before turning on the water, use a brush made from all natural products, best is bamboo and natural bristle,
(don't use too hard or too soft bristle).                
Using gentle but firm pressure, brush your body using long slow strokes, but make sure you always brush towards your heart.
Start at your feet, up your leg,then your hands and shoulders and                   
onto your torso and then your back (if you can reach it with your brush!). Start again,
trying to overlap or go where you didn't previously.                
Shower as usual.                
Body Scub:                
Stand in the shower before turning on the water, scoop out a good portion of the enviroCare Lake Salt Body Scrub and massage in circular motions                
all over your body, scoop more out if you need it. You may choose not to use soap after the scrub, it's up to you.
 The scrub will remove a normal days build up.                
If you choose to use a soap, use enviroCare Body Wash only minimally and then patting yourself dry once showered without removing all the beneficial                  
oils will make your skin feel fantastic.                
Devote 5 mintues in the shower to exfoliating your body at least once every 2 weeks with a great natural body scrub and                
commit to body brushing every day for 30 days! You will be amazed at your skins rejuvination. If you are sick do it 2's a day                
and you will see your bodies ability to heal itself by giving it some support.                
Don't foget the men in the family,they too will benefit from regular body brushing & body scrubs.