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We're coconuts for coconut oil and it's many benefits

November 16, 2015 2 min read

Coconut oil has been used for hundreds of years as a skin treatment, moisturiser, anti-aging, antifungal and other cosmetic purposes, plus hair and scalp treatments and for health reasons.

It has come back into focus after it was given a bad rap by other industries because it was deemed a saturated fat. But now that we have realised there is no correlation between the saturated fat that is coconut and heart disease, it's back in the health and wellness limelight. 

The palm oil industry is decimating forests and cropping land to plant this cheap commodity counterpart. It is picking up the ill fitting reputation coconut oil had many hundreds of years ago.

So, with all the benefits of this fabulous plant that is renewable and sustainable there's no reason not to use it place of palm oil and other animal fats.

Coconuts are used in the beauty industry in moisturisers and body butters because coconut oil, due to its chemical structure, is readily absorbed by the skin.

The coconut shell may also be ground down and added to products for exfoliation (cosmetology)|of dead skin. Better than using micro beads which pollute waterways and kill marine life!

Coconut is also a source of lauric acid, which can be processed in a particular way to produce a liquid soap used in shower gels and shampoos.

The nature of lauric acid as a fatty acid makes it particularly effective for creating detergents and surfactants. This is what replaces hard soap bars & creates liquid cleaners with benefits for our bodies and household.

It's amazing what coconuts contain and the effects they have on our skin, hair and bodies, as well as a base for cleaning products.


  • Powerful antioxidents, ferulic acid and p coumaric acid.
  • Anti microbial agent monocaprin, which acts to limit the amount of microbes on your skin.
  • Emollient, providing a softening and soothing effect.
  • Antiseptic qualities which helps with skin and scalp conditions such as dandruff.

If we can use a plant that is abundant and sustainable to add moisture to our skin, clean our skin, our houses and our clothes why wouldn't we?

Coconut is a also great makeup remover, just rub it into on and wipe it off! If you don't like the oily residue, splash your face with luke warm water and pat dry.

You will be moisturising at the same time, as well as not using alcohol or petrochemcial based products.

Rub it all over your body once you get out of a warm shower, drip dry a little then put it on top of your wet skin. Then pat yourself dry, you will really feel the difference.

You get the benefit of the oil, but patting off the excess water and oil just take of the sticky aspect and it leaves your skin glowing! 

Who doesn't want plumper, healthier skin and a home free of toxic chemicals? Join the coconut oil crusade. 

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